Zarry things. I feel like out of everyone in the band, they’re the lady killers - the ones who can totally charm their way into any girls’ bed. Yes, Niall, Liam, and Louis are too, but Zarry together? Man, that sounds so mischievous. I just love their relationship with one another, they’re both extra silly and crazy when they’re together.

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Harry on the big red bus. One of my favorite music videos from our boys. For the same reasons as them - they were totally in their comfort zones while filming the video. And Harry’s opening shots were fucking perfect.

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Not only is this one of my favorite GIFS of Harry’s beautiful smile, but it’s also one of my favorite 1D gifs ever. They just all look so perfect, especially Larry <3 They look like some goddamn models -_-

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That damn Ramones shirt and those damn biceps.

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I love how confident he is around the ladies - but not to the point where it’s totally  cocky. He’s so playful and silly that it just makes you laugh. And that ladies, is called charm.

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So I’m starting up this new tag to exhibit my love for Harry Edward Milward Styles:

I’m gonna call it reasons I love Harry Styles or something cheesy like that. I’m basically going to go through all of my posts since my discovery of One Direction and post pictures, gifs, songs, etc. about why I claim Styles as my future husband. And I am SUPER EXCITED!

So to start off, here’s my first post (:

Reason #1:

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